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D-Wave participates in a number of conferences and trade shows each year. We also host webinars about quantum computing and D-Wave technology. Check here for upcoming events.

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Logistics Optimization: Port of Los Angeles

18, May 2022

The Port of Los Angeles is known as America's busiest port. In a time where we are facing global supply chain challenges, it's essential that the Port operates to its maximum capacity with the highest level of efficiency possible. In conjunction with Fenix Marine Services, SavantX developed and deployed new technology using AI and D-Wave’s quantum computer to optimize terminal operations. The results of their work doubled cargo handling equipment productivity and produced more predictable cargo flows. Register for this webinar to learn how this was accomplished.

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On-Demand Webinars

06, April 2022

E.ON: Optimizing the Renewable Energy Grid with Quantum Computing

See how E.ON, a leading German utility company, used D-Wave quantum technology to optimize the renewable energy grid.

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16, March 2022

Quantum Programming: Ocean Tips and Tricks

Learn more about quantum programming with Ocean from a D-Wave expert.

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18, January 2022

Quantum Programming with Hybrid Solvers

Learn more about our newest hybrid solver for constrained quadratic models, which incorporates problem constraints into the solver to allow users to benefit from a simplified expression of their constrained problems.

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17, November 2021

The State of Quantum in Business

Hyperion Research's Chief Analyst for quantum computing discusses the results of a recent survey exploring commercial perspectives on quantum computing use cases, challenges, and opportunities.

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05, October 2021

Qubits 2021

If you missed Qubits 2021, you can still register to view sessions on D-Wave technology updates, customer applications, and the latest quantum research on demand.

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28, July 2021

Webinar: Quantum Computing for Financial Services

Learn how quantum computing can solve challenges in financial services such as portfolio selection, asset allocation, and rare event classification.

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26, May 2021

Webinar: Exploring the Discrete Quadratic Model

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21, April 2021

Webinar: Getting started with D-Wave on AWS through Amazon Braket

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31, March 2021

Webinar: Drug Discovery with Quantum Annealing

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03, March 2021

Webinar: Getting Started with Quantum

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17, November 2020

Webinar: Quantum Computing in the Enterprise: 451 Research Report Results

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14, October 2020

Webinar: Introduction to Advantage and Hybrid Solver V2

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30, June 2020

Webinar: Quantum Programming with the Ocean Tools

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28, May 2020

Webinar: Quantum Programming 101

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30, April 2020

Webinar: Quantum Powered Protein Design

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31, March 2020

Webinar: Using D-Wave's Quantum Hybrid Solver Service and Leap 2

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27, February 2020

Webinar: Introducing Leap 2, with powerful new quantum cloud capabilities

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14, January 2020

Webinar: Embedding Your Problem onto the D-Wave QPU

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